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Bowen Therapy

Sports & Remedial Massage

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy is a non-invasive therapy using very gentle pressure to the soft tissues; stimulating the receptors of the skin, fascia, muscles and tendons, ligaments and joints

The philosophy behind it is based on the principle that the structure of the body governs its function. Correcting the structure improves overall body balance and promotes well-being

How does it work?

It is a fascial and muscle release technique, with single, gentle cross-fibre moves being applied to specific muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moves have a calming effect on the body's Autonomic Nervous System. They are usually applied in precise Sequences. These Sequences initiate relaxation of the muscles, flexibility of the fascia and increased circulation of essential fluids. This can often cause self-correcting structural changes to occur, promoting the bodies innate ability to heal

The Treatment

During a treatment the I will apply gentle rolling moves on very specific points on the muscles, tendons and ligaments

At specific times during the treatment, I may allow your body to rest. This can be an important part of the treatment, when the body is given time to react. It also is a time to relax –some clients like to ‘tune-in’ to how the body is responding to the work

Bowen therapy is best practiced by direct contact to the skin. However, I can easily work through light, loose-fitting clothing. If you prefer to remain clothed please wear loose, comfortable clothing

What can Bowen Therapy help?

Below are examples of the wide variety of complaints that usually respond extremely well to Bowen Therapy:

Many people find Bowen therapy provides symptom relief for the following:

Meet a practitioner

Emma Stafford

Emma Stafford

Emma is a Registered Nurse, having previously specialised in Neurology

Qualifying as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 1999 she has worked in Horsham and Hong Kong

Whilst in Hong Kong she had the opportunity to work at the 2006 International Rugby Sevens

During her two year stay in Hong Kong Emma further developed her skills by studying Bowen Therapy with two inspirational Australian teachers

Emma may be contacted by:

Telephone: 07935 757 304

Practitioners can also be contacted at the New Street main contact number: 01403 271129


First consultaion (90 minutes): £55

Subsequent treatments (60 minutes): £45


Monday 9.00-5.00

Tuesday 1.30-9.00

Wednesday 9.00-1.00

Friday 9.00-4.00

Alternate Saturdays 09.00-12.00