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What is Iridology?

Iridology dates back to Central Asia (1,000 BC) and is a Science that observes the coloured part of the eye. Used as a non-invasive diagnostic tool it can detect weak and strong areas in the body

Causes of disease can be observed and in combination with other clinical observations the health status of the individual can be evaluated. An analysis can be carried out from the age of six. The basis iris colour and structure does not change much and there is no need to see an Iridologist on a regular basis

How does it work?

Magnification is used to observe the colour of the iris, the position of the fibres and the differences in further pigmentation. These observations are confirmed through questions targeting specific organs

The outcome of the analysis and symptomology will provide guidelines to the practitioner for your treatment. It can be both: a warning of potential health problems or the preparation of an individual tailored treatment plan.

The Treatment

A detailed health, lifestyle and symptoms questionnaire is completed. Other diagnostic tools, such as Reflexology and non-invasive physical observations are used. Based on the information received, a course of treatment, appropriate to the individual will be formulate

In this clinic your progress will be evaluated through further visits, which will include a Reflexology treatment

Who can Iridology help?

Pin-point which organs are in need of further investigation especially as symptoms are not always directly related to that part of the body where the client feels the discomfort, Investigate health potential

Meet a practitioner

Marian Baartz Iridology leaflet at New Street Clinic

Marian Baartz MSc.,M.A.R.,F.G.N.I.,R.N.T.

Marian has been in private practice since 1989

She holds a Masters in Public Health, Nutritional Therapy and Healthcare and works in adult education as a qualified teacher and NVQ assessor of Reflexology, Nutritional therapy and Iridology. She also teaches Iridology at Westminster University

She is a Fellow of The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists and a member of The Association of Reflexologists. She is fluent in Dutch, French and German

Marian may be contacted by:

Telephone: 01403 271129


Practitioners can also be contacted at the New Street main contact number: 01403 271129


Initial appointment (1.30 hours) £ 95.00 (consultation, evaluation of at-home completed forms, feedback report of findings and recommendations as well as other naturopathic diagnostic tools)

Follow up consultations (1 hour) £35 (Reductions for under 16s)


Monday 9.30 - 7.30