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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a natural healthcare system that encourages the body's own healing through the promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle

How does it work?

Nutritional therapy helps people on many levels by addressing nutritional imbalances and supporting the body towards maintaining health through the promotion of healthy eating and lifestyle

Why use Nutritional Therapy?

Some people simply want to check that they are on the right track with regard to healthy eating. Others may want to lose weight or get help with their symptoms. Nutritional Therapists recognise that each person is an individual with unique requirements and take time to define a personalised nutrition plan rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Dietary Information and Nutrition Advice

The focus of our sessions together will be on helping you to improve and sustain an optimum level of health and well-being by finding new ways of eating that is right for you. We will work together to enable you to make the changes you agree are appropriate and achievable and progress is made at a pace that is right for you

Nutritional Supplements

Although the focus of our sessions will be on food - advice and specific recommendations for nutritional supplements may be given. Supplements can help to balance nutritional levels that may be associated with your symptoms and provide extra nourishment to help promote health

Nutritional Assessment

Additional assessments may be recommended to test for nutrient or hormone levels, food sensitivities, levels of gut micro-organisms, or to review digestive function. These are non-invasive tests from stool, urine or salvia samples, or may involve a blood test. Home test kits are used and samples sent to a laboratory for analysis. Results are then discussed at a follow-up consultation

Who can Nutritional Therapy help?

Nutritional Therapy supports your health naturally and can help to support:

Meet a practitioner

Marian Baartz

Marian Baartz MSc.,M.A.R.,F.G.N.I.,R.N.T.

Marian has been in private practice since 1989

She holds a Masters in Public Health, Nutrition and Healthcare and works in adult education as a qualified teacher and NVQ assessor of Reflexology, Nutritional therapy and Iridology. She also teaches Iridology at Westminster University

She is a Fellow of The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists and a member of The Association of Reflexologists. She is fluent in Dutch, French and German

Marian Baartz may be contacted by:

Telephone: 01403 271129


Practitioners can also be contacted at the New Street main contact number: 01403 271129


Fee structure varies according to a combination of therapies. Additional charges for nutritional supplements and diagnostic tests


Monday 9.30 - 7.30

Maggie Thorpe

Maggie Thorpe MBANT CNHC MAR

Maggie is an experienced and professionally qualified nutritional therapy practitioner registered with BANT and the CNHC. She works in private clinical practice, teaches and lectures on all aspects of nutrition and healthy eating and provides nutrition consultancy for local and national organisations. She is a qualified college and university lecturer registered with the HEA. Maggie is also a qualified Reflexologist registered with the AOR

Professional Registrations

BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy)

CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)

Fellow of HEA (Higher Education Academy)

AOR (Association of Reflexologists)

Maggie may be contacted by:

Telephone: 07711 182175



Practitioners can also be contacted at the New Street main contact number: 01403 271129


Initial consultation (1hr 20mins): £80.00

Follow-up consultations (1 hour): £50.00

Reflexology treatment (1 hour): £45.00


Nutritional Therapy and Reflexology clinic open on Wednesdays 1.30pm - 7pm

Consultations are available on other days by prior arrangement