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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an extremely safe and effective system of Medicine, which has been practised for over two hundred years. Around 500 million people use Homeopathy worldwide

How does it work?

The correct course of homeopathic treatment results in the person feeling better in themselves, as well as a reduction or elimination of symptoms. It works in sympathy with what the body is trying to do already to cure itself

The Treatment

In the initial consultation a full history is taken, including patterns of health in the family. It is often the case that patients will need more than one remedy before the treatment is finished. A key indication for health is when the patient last had a fever above 38C

Sometimes there are different layers of ill health that need to be addressed with different remedies. It is important to get as complete a picture as possible at the outset, in order that things can be tackled in the right order, starting with the most recent problems

Who can Homeopathy help?

Asthma, & coughs, All Childhood problems, Anxiety & depression, Hayfever & Allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Menopause & PMT, Migraine, Panic attacks, Recurrent coughs and colds, Skin Problems

Meet a practitioner

Philip Edmonds Homeopathy leaflet at New Street Clinic

Philip Edmonds DSH

Philip Edmonds has been practising Homeopathy since 1988


Phil is now a qualified Qigong teacher and runs a one hour drop in class at 11.30 on a Thursday morning at Friends meeting house in Horsham - more information at


Phil began meditating in his 20’s, and in recent years has begun to teach mindfulness and meditation. If you are interested in learning to meditate, or in doing an 8 week mindfulness course (based on the book How to find peace in a frantic world) - also available on Skype please contact Philip. Cost £160 for the 8 week course.

Philip Edmonds may be contacted by:

Telephone: 01403 271129

Mobile: 0793 909 2739




First Consultation: Adults £85 Children (under 17) £50

Subsequent Consultations: Adults £50 (usually after one month) Children £35

Alternative Family Rate: £40 per half hour

Usually a course of treatment lasts 3 sessions, though individual cases may vary


Thursdays: 9.30am till 7.00pm